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Growing Up With Mi Familia
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An eccentric 13-year-old with dreams of becoming an actress must persevere through embarrassing middle school moments and survive in a multicultural Latinx household.

"Growing Up With Mi Familia" was made with the collaboration of TELUS Storyhive's Pilot Series Edition in 2021. 


Director & Creator: Andy Alvarez

Producers: Mike Johnston, Martin Calvo, Diana Parry.

DOP: Diana Parry

Composer: Ricardo Ochoa

Editor: Hayley Sawatzky

Sound Designer: Emmy Sainz

Music Supervisor: David Alvarez

Production Design: Laura Isabel


Melina Cermeno - Lucia Torres

Juana Juarez - Marina Torres

Magda Ochoa - Abuela

Anika Del Carmen - Kai McNally

Caiden Valderrama - James Torres

Benjamin Valdivieso - Julian Torres

Eden Summer Gilmore - Beth Hart

Maria J Black - Ms. Black

Billie Alpuche - Ximena Fernandez

David Mora Perea - Jose Perea

Production Company: Studio 104 Entertainment

Where to Watch: CBC at 11:00 PM Local Time and on CBC Gem on September 1st, 2022.

Behind The Scenes - The Siblings

Behind The Scenes - The Story

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