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Set in 2042 the world is ravaged by climate change and a mother races to teach her daughter the emergency preparedness that comes with each disaster after experiencing a tragic loss.​

Short Film: 14:11 mins

Languages: English


Director: Andy Alvarez

Writers: Martin Calvo & Andy Alvarez

Producers: Mike Johnston, Kate McCallum & Martin Calvo

DOP: Diana Parry

Composers: Katya Semyonova & Sean William

Editor: Hayley Sawatzky & Andy Alvarez

Sound Designer: David Daoud

Production Design: Joely Osika

Production Company: Studio 104 Entertainment


Rukiya Bernard - Claudia

Aria Birch - Marisol

Mark Krysko - Mariano

Veronica Bretton - Sara H Conner

David Kaye - Edison

Sol was made with the collaboration of Crazy 8s Film Competition in 2020 as it was chosen as one of the Top 6 scripts to go into production.


New York Children's International Film Festival, 2021

Miami Science Fiction Film Festival, 2021

Seattle Latino Film Festival, 2021

Chicago International Children's Film Festival, 2021

Los Angeles Latinx Film Festival, 2021

Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival, 2021

Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival, 2021

NALIP (National Association of Latinos Independent Producers Media Summit), 2021

Vancouver Latin American Film Festival, 2021

Oakville Film Festival, 2021

 LOLA AWARD HONORABLE MENTION - Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, 2021

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